Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the TIJ would like to inform you that our office will be temporarily closed until 30 June 2021.

(please be advised that this may be subject to change until further notice)
In the meantime, TIJ has instituted special measures that will allow our staff members to work remotely.
For any inquiries, you may contact us through the following channel:



Office of Management

Patompong Wongsawan 
Email: saraban@tijthailand.org
Tel. +66(0)89-764-7516


Office of The Executive Director                              

Rapeepat Banjobsamai
Email: rapeepat.b@tijthailand.org
Tel. +66(0)81-734-7994


Office of Public Communications / Office of Knowledge Management    

Chompunoot Thongsuchot 
Email: chompunoot.t@tijthailand.org
Tel. +66(0)87-508-1538

Office of Strategy and Planning        
Siriporn Moungkhaw
Email: siriporn.m@tijthailand.org
Tel. +66(0)85-282-3664
Office of the Bangkok Rules and Treatment of Offenders

Wasoontara Sapsaman
Email: Wasoontara.s@tijthailand.org
Tel. +66(0)62-252-8659
Office of External Relations and Policy Coordination

Pimonluk Suvongsindh
Email: pimonluk.s@tijthailand.org
Tel. +66(0)94-423-1551


Justice Innovation
Kanravee Kittayarak
Email: kanravee.k@tijthailand.org
Tel. +66(0)85-362-5277


Justice Academy

Piyawadee Khumdet

Email: piyawadee.k@tijthailand.org

Tel. +66(0)85-998-9196