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TIJ Academy aspires to offer the best learning experiences to justice policymakers and practitioners by bringing together accessible global knowledge, innovative skills, and actionable inspirations. 


We work collaboratively with Thai government agencies and civil society organisations, the UNODC, Institutes of the UN Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme Network (UN-PNIs) and embrace multi-stakeholder partnerships to ensure the TIJ Academy will be a reliable partner for all justice makers.


Our areas of priorities include the implementation of the international standards and norms in crime prevention and criminal justice, restorative justice, collaborative networking for justice, and innovative justice tools and initiatives. 


Our Flagship Programme

ICPCJ- The Executive Programme for the Implementation of International Standards and Norms in Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice


Looking ahead at the challenges of justice reforms and the future of criminal justice, TIJ Academy partners with the UNODC to develop a capacity building programme dedicated to support aspiring justice leaders in their design and delivery of effective and responsive criminal justice strategies and actions.


The Executive Programme for the Implementation of International Standards and Norms in Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (ICPCJ) explores most relevant justice problems and positive changes that could be made throughout the criminal justice process and experience.


The programme will introduce the participants with key concepts and principles of the related international standards and norms as well as their translation into inspiring actions and initiatives in Thailand and worldwide.


Special workshops are provided for the participants to develop new competencies for collaborative and innovative justice solutions.


Towards the end of the programme, participants will also have an opportunity to participate in a group action-based project in relation to their own interested topic and present their initial outcome to the high-level panel of advisors and the identified stakeholders. This activity will offer participants to reflect their knowledge and understanding of criminal justice issues throughout the course, and the significance of the application of international standards and norms that are consistent to the Thai context.


Topics that will be covered include: 

  • International crime trends and emerging crimes with focus on the region and Thailand
  • International cooperation in crime prevention and criminal justice
  • Challenges of the contemporary criminal justice system
  • Exploring contemporary justice mechanisms
  • Guaranteeing access to justice for all
  • Trust in the justice system
  • Prison management and treatment of offenders
  • Collaborative and innovative justice
  • Project-based learning