On 3 – 5 November 2014, Thailand Institute of Justice or TIJ, UNODC and UNICEF co-host Regional Training Workshop on Responding to "Violence against Children” in contract with Justice System at United Nations in Thailand.

For the specialized training curricula on the treatment of child victims and witness of crime, focus on child victims of sexual abuse and exploitation, will provide guidance and inspiration to TIJ’s work in the field of Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice especially Violence against Children.

The United Nations Model Strategies and Practical Measures on the Elimination of Violence against children in the Field of Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (Model Strategies), are a new set of international standards and norms adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 18 December 2014 with resolution A/RES/69/194. They were developed by and intergovernmental expert group during a meeting held in Bangkok in February 2014, with the substantive support of UNODC, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General on Violence against Children, UNICEF, OHCHR and several NGOs. The Model Strategies are grounded on the Convention on the rights of the Child and other international human rights instruments, as well as on several United Nations standards and norms in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice.

Dr. Kittipong Kittayarak conclude that “Recognizing the need to address the challenges posed by violence against children, the international community has recently engaged in developing a set of international standards and norms aimed at protecting children and especially those in contact with the justice system, to ensure that they are treated in a child-sensitive manner and to reiterate the continuous commitment of Thailand in promoting the respect for the rights of the child in all settings, especially within the criminal justice system, and in supporting mechanisms aimed at strengthening the capacity of criminal justice professionals top prevent and respond to violence against children.”