On July 14, 2015 – TIJ hosted Seminar on Access to Justice “Not just an ‘Access to a Justice Procedure’, yet it’s an ‘Access to Justice’”

“Criminal justice is just for the rich” or “A prison is a place only for the poor”

These are the set of belief most people perceive quite often whenever there is a critique justice system. Although internationally or various states ratify and support the right to access to justice in international laws. However, the problem of access to justice in Thailand is still in evidence nowadays, especially for the poor and underprivileged groups such as children, women and elders.

This seminar aims to be a forum for the people from a private sector, public sector and a civil society, both Thai and international, shared and exchanged experiences, views and knowledge concerning access to justice.

Dr.Kittipong Kittayarak, Executive Director of TIJ, gave an opening remarks and keynote address on Access to Justice “Not just an ‘Access to a Justice Procedure’, yet it’s an ‘Access to Justice’”

The panel discussion including 3 sessions on “Access to Justice: Outside the nutshell” General discussion about strengthening access to justice through several approaches, including human rights-based approach, and their challenges and successes from domestic and international perspectives. “Access to Justice: Case Studies on Women and Children in Criminal Justice” Insights into issues and approaches concerning access to justice especially those difficulties occurring in criminal justice for women and children in consideration of their vulnerability, seriousness of cases, and injustice treatment and “Access to Justice: Effective Mechanisms and Good Practices” Insights from Thai and international experts into some mechanisms and good practices on such topics as pro bono work, public defender service and legal aid which can be beneficial to all involved entities in justice system—including private law firms, individual lawyers and legal consultants.

The participants of the seminar including Thai and international experts such as prosecutors, professors, Judge, Police, Officials from Academics from Reform Now Network, Laws Reform Commission of Thailand, Independent National Rule of Law Commission (NRLC) and representative from private sector such as  Ms Therese Blanche A. Bolunia (Judge, Regional Trial Court Branch 47, the Philippines), Mr. Brian M PEARCE, Regional U.S. Department of Justice Attaché (US Embassy in Bangkok), Mr Nicholas Booth, Policy Advisor (Governance, Access to Justice, and Human Rights, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)), Ms Pitikarn Sitthidej (Deputy Director, the Rights and Liberties Protection Department, Ministry of Justice) and Mr. Somchai Homlaor (Law Reform Commissioner, Law Reform Commission of Thailand) etc.

TIJ looking forward to supporting information and ideas to improve the access to justice in the criminal justice system in Thailand.

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