On 25 August 2016 - TIJ hosted the forum to present the research paper (first draft) under the TIJ-UNODC Joint Project on Countering Human Trafficking.

Dr.Phiset Sa-ardyen, Director of the Office of External Relations and Policy Coordination and Mr. Benjamin Smith, Regional Coordinator, Trafficking in Persons from UNODC, delivered opening session.

Prof. Andreas Schloenhardt, Senior Research Consultant for UNODC and Professor of Law at the University of Queensland, Australia, presented research on “Trafficking in Persons from Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Myanmar to Thailand”. This research aim to comprehensive collation, documentation, and analysis of the available, open source information relating to trafficking in persons from Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Myanmar to Thailand in all its forms for the period 2005-present.

Participants included Judges, Senior officers, and Senior researchers from many organizations such as Criminal Court, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Department of Special Investigation, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.