Enhancing Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Institutions for Sustainable Development of the ASEAN Community

The success of ASEAN integration should be measured and reflected not only in economic growth, but also in long-term peace, security and sustainable development, as called for by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 25 September 2015.

In order to mainstream the SDG Agenda into the work of ASEAN, the relevant ASEAN sectoral and inter-governmental bodies play a critical role in enhancing the effectiveness of crime prevention measures and strengthening criminal justice institutions, thus contributing to the promotion of a peaceful, just and inclusive ASEAN community.

The ASEAN commitment to regional cooperation in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice is evident from a range of instruments and political declarations adopted over the years. Despite the strong commitments, some challenges remain for Member States in translating their political will into practical action at regional and national levels. Addressing these challenges requires meaningful consultative process through which cross-cutting issues and inter-sectoral cooperation are encouraged. The ASEAN Conference on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (ACCPCJ) provides a regional platform that promotes and enhances crime prevention and criminal justice institutions through an evidence-based policy dialogue with multiple stakeholders. The ACCPCJ is established under the auspice of the ASEAN Senior Official Meeting (ASLOM) to serve as a platform that brings together policy makers, practitioners, academia and other relevant stakeholders, both from within and outside the region, to discuss and address serious issues of common interest.

The 1st ASEAN Conference on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice.

During 9 – 11 November 2016, TIJ held the first ACCPCJ at the Dusit Thani hotel Bangkok to promote the
exchange of views and guidelines among ASEAN member states for best practices of transnational crime prevention, the integrated approach in the administration of criminal justice system and the sustainable development of the ASEAN community.

The main topic was “Enhancing Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Institutions for Sustainable Development of the ASEAN Community”, with 3 subtopics; “Tackling the Emerging Threats of Wildlife and Timber Trafficking in ASEAN”,Crime Prevention Strategies aimed at Children and Youth in Urban Areas”, and “Effective Offender Rehabilitation and Prison Reform for Vulnerable Groups”.


Her Royal Highness Princess Bajrakitiyabha, the Chairperson of TIJ’s Special Advisory Board, attended
and gave a speech on the treatment of vulnerable offenders. Over 150 participants represented ASEAN member states, governments, experts, academia, TIJ youth network, and the United Nations Programme Network Institutes (UN-PNIs) attended the meeting.