RoLD Fellows took study visit at the Supreme Court 


A justice system is a set of legal and social institutes involving many government agencies in enforcing the law, and the Supreme Court is the highest Court in the judicial system in Thailand. Acknowledges the crucial role of the Supreme Court, the TIJ Executive Program on the Rule of Law and Development or the RoLD Programme by the Thailand Institute of Justice took the RoLD fellows accompanied by the TIJ executives and personnel to a study visit at the Supreme Court on 24 January 2020 to learn and understand the critical role of the Supreme Court in Thailand justice system.    



Honorable Chief Justice Slaikate Wattanapan President of the Supreme Court of Thailand welcomed and gave a lecture on the topic of “A Criminal Justice System: Policies of the President of the Supreme Court of Thailand in the protection of the basic rights of the people and practical guidance and expecting outcomes.” 


In summary, Honorable Chief Justice Slaikate Wattanapan stated that the policies of this era of the Supreme Court are to enhance standards of protection of the fundamental rights of the accused and defendants while taking into consideration the rights of victims and social order. This policy has been implementing by setting effective measures for granting bail and minimizing inequality in accessing the right to be granting bail, maximizing society safety, and reducing unnecessary imprisonment. 


Moreover, the Supreme Court enhances standards for case adjudication to ensure that justice is served, utilize technology to support judicial services, case adjudication and public participation in judicial work. Thus, the e-Court system has been developed and implemented to effectively facilitate the legal process for the public with the timely, fair and just system. Additionally, the Supreme Court is taking into consideration various channels that are convenient and economical for the public to use if they have limited access to technology. 


Lastly but not limited to, the Supreme Court is strengthening the human resource administration system by balancing ethics and the system of seniority and professional merit. Plus, supporting the role of the Court in law enforcement in ways that will promote environmental protection and will not be burdensome or detrimental to citizens and society.