Delivering the innovative food cart under the Hygiene Street Food project 

Written by The Office for the Bangkok Rules and Treatment of Offenders, TIJ 



On September 22, 2021, the innovative food carts were delivered to the participants who completed the Hygiene Street Food Programme (2nd Year). The design and production of the cart was a collaboration between Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ), King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), PTT Public Company Limited, and Retail Business Solutions Co., Ltd. (RBS). 


Hygiene Street Food Programme aims to support the former prisoners to successfully reintegrate into society by offering them an opportunity to take lessons that could provide them with a sustainable career in the street food industry. The programme focuses on skill enhancement and capital support including;

  1. Lessons on food recipes, hygienic cooking techniques, relevant legal provisions, basic marketing, and business planning
  2. Online Marketing support
  3. The innovative food cart
  4. The initial capital required for business initiation
  5. Initial raw materials and ingredients, sufficient to start the business


Mr.Wasan or Ton was a very well-behaved participant. He attended every class on time and has constantly interacted with the lecturer and exchanged his knowledge and experiences with the rest of the class. Mr.Wasan has requested the cart as he wish to start his own street food business after completing the programme. The outbreak of Covid-19 started while he was waiting for the cart to arrive. So, he has signed up for TIJ’s online Upskill course twice to enhance his knowledge while waiting to start his own business. With all his effort, the board of directors of a programme has decided that Mr.Wasan is capable of starting his own street food business and has considered him to be the first in his year group to receive the cart. 



Mr.Arnon Sakornchaicharoen, Domestic Sales Division Manager of Retail Business Solutions Co., Ltd. (RBS) explains the features of an environmentally friendly innovative hygienic food cart that RBS has collaborated with the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Food Industry, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) in designing as: 


  1. The foot pump water sink (hand-free) is available on the cart, so it is convenient for the vendor to wash hands before cooking. 
  2. The cooking area was made from food-grade high-quality stainless steel which provides a smooth and durable surface that is easy to clean, rust-resistant, and dirt-free. 
  3. A grease trap will help trap grease from contaminated sink water before being discharged to the aqueduct. 
  4. A fume hood is installed on the cart to prevent undesirable smells and smoke from entering the cooking area. 
  5. There are two options for the electricity system available. One from the battery and another one from the power socket for the lighting system, electrical appliances, and exhaust fan. 
  6. Kitchen equipment that comes with the cart can be easily disassembled, it could change into either a griller or a gas stove. Gas tank storage and transmission pipe are also available in a safe manner. 
  7. The cart was made from high-quality material, it is light-weighted, yet strong and durable. The wheel installation was deliberately calculated for the cart to be able to be lifted and moved around conveniently.



Asst. Prof. Dr. Napathrapi Luangsakul, the Dean of the Faculty of Food Industry, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), the designer of the cart, and the lecturer of Hygiene Street Food Programme says that Mr.Wasan’s cart is clean and well-arranged. The equipment and appliances meet the standard; unused dishware is covered with a clean cloth, his clothing meets the code of conduct of the hygienic cooking with a hair net, face mask, apron, and gloves on all the time while preparing the food. Apart from the deliciousness, customers will be impressed by its hygiene, and this will be the main factor that brings them back, said Asst. Prof. Dr. Napathrapi.


Mr.Wasan explains that his family has a background in food vendors, he has seen his parents selling noodles since he was a child. He has basic knowledge of cooking, so when he heard about the food-related vocational programme, Mr.Wasan has no hesitation to sign up for it. He has enjoyed the cooking class the most among all the lessons because he got to do it with his friends and got to share opinions with them while learning more about savoury dishes, desserts, and beverages. He is thankful for everyone he has met since he joined the programme at KMITL, he got to expand his knowledge further beyond just cooking. He has learned about contamination and sterilization, hygienic cooking, raw material storage, cart arrangement, and first-in-first-out. Most importantly, he got to have fun with friends he made from the class and discovered a saying that he will keep in mind for his entire career “Apart from deliciousness, the dish must also be hygienic”.


Mr.Wasan has signed up for an extra Upskill course with TIJ to learn more about online marketing including social media and online food delivery platform. He agrees that these skills are essential, especially amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Mr.Wasan’s cart has currently registered to two online delivery platforms and he also offers delivery service within a distance of 2 kilometers. His cart joins the government’s Rao-Chana and Kon-la-Krueng, QR Code payment is also available for the customers’ convenience. After Mr.Wasan has completed the programme, he has opened a ready-to-serve food vendor of his own and asked his parents to rest from their work.


Mr.Wasan opens up that he is very delighted to have received this innovative food cart. He names his cart “Aunty Lai’s House Number 5 Ready-To-Serve Meals”, Lai is the name of his mother who sells ready-to-eat meals in front of her house in Soi Pravit Lae Puen 14, Udomsuk Road. Mr.Wasan plans to put the cart in front of his mother’s restaurant to catch the eyes of the commuters, the old cooking area will be modified into a herbal drink stall and more tables will also be added to expand the capacity. Mr.Wasan’s signature menu is stir fry Thai basil beef ( Pad Krapow) with an option of either cuts or minced beef, stir-fry boneless deep-fried catfish with chili and rice, and Stir-fry Chinese Kale with crispy pork belly. These are the ‘Must Try’ you shouldn’t miss!