TIJ hosts the 2nd Consultative Group Meeting for the 2nd ACCPCJ



Carried on to the new era of the 21st century, the Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ) as the designated organization to hold the 2nd ASEAN Conference on Crime and Prevention and Criminal Justice (ACCPCJ), hosted the 2nd Consultative Group Meeting for the ACCPCJ between 7-8 January 2020 at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Sukhumvit 22, Bangkok.

The Consultative Group Meeting is a continual session from the first one which was held in Phuket late last year. The focus of the Meeting is to reiterate the importance of trans border crime, especially in the pattern of organizational crime via cyber in the digital era, access to justice, and justice reform, under the agreed theme "Promoting the ASEAN Culture of Prevention for a Collaborative and Innovative Justice for All."

The Consultative Group Meeting was attended by ASEAN Member States’ representatives from ASEAN Senior Law Officials’ Meeting (ASLOM), Senior Officials’ Meeting for the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (SOCA), the Senior Officials Meeting on Transnational Crime (SOMTC), Senior Officials Meeting for the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (SOCA), and the ASEAN Secretariat.

The 2nd ACCPCJ is to be held in Bangkok between 27-28 February 2020 with an ancillary event “The TIJ Youth Forum” to encourage ASEAN young generation to apply creative problem-solving, using the “Design Thinking” approach, to collaborate and bring out innovative solutions for challenge issues in ASEAN. Interesting results from both events will be reported to the Working Group on the Culture of Prevention (CoP) and other relevant ASEAN sectoral bodies.