GI Network Consultation: The Future of Organized Crime


The Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ) together with the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime hosted the "GI Network Consultation: The Future of Organized Crime" to discuss the topic of Climate and Environment; and Population, Migration and Resilience in today trends.

Mr. Kittipoom Neamhom, Chief of Policy Coordination Programme of the Thailand Institute of Justice, stated in his opening remarks that


“the discussion today would promote diversity of perspectives and better-informed responses to the present reality and future organized crime. I am also hopeful that this inclusive and participatory process will promote more evidence-based understanding and synergies between relevant research and work programmes led by all stakeholders including governments, international organizations, civil societies, and the private sector, for the benefit of all.”

The TIJ hopes that the discussion will convey comprehensive results from insights and experiences from all the participants on the impacts of organized crime to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and hence, brings concrete contributions to the substantive debates at the UN stages including; the UNTOC review process, and the Kyoto Congress in May 2020.