Exploring New Global Trends in Combating Drug Problems

Know the Root Causes - Reduce Sentences – Erase Criminal Records– Alternate to Non-custodial Measure

The drug issue in the present day is related to the problems within each society. One solution from one country may not be applicable in another. Nevertheless, the exchange of information between countries would encourage each country to find its own ways towards the implementation of appropriate anti-drug measures. At the 61st Session of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs Meeting, hosted between the 14-16th of March 2018 in Vienna, Austria, representatives from member states joined force to exchange ideas, findings, and issues revolving around the drug problems and relevant policies.

The Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ), represented by Jane Holloway, Head of the Crime and Development Programme, and Chontit Cheunurah, Head of the Bangkok Rules (Implementation of the Bangkok Rules and Treatment of Offenders Programme) had co-organized a side-event meeting on “Women, Drug Policy and Incarceration in Southeast Asia: Mainstreaming a Gendered Perspective.” The panel joined by Mr. Jeremy Douglas from UNODC, Ms. Catherine Alcarez from International Drug Policy Consortium - IDCP, and Mr. Ernesto Cortes from Asociación Costarricense para el Estudio e Intervención en Drogas – ACEID.

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