TIJ’s Role in the CCPCJ

Do you know? The TIJ is the only organization in Thailand that have been invited by the UNODC to the meeting session of the CCPCJ since 2017, after becoming a United Nations Programme Network Institute (UN-PNI) and our entity is separate from that of the Royal Thai Government representatives.

What’s good about being a UN-PNI? 



Firstly, the TIJ has been welcomed by the UNODC in doing research, organizing public forums to hear from all stakeholders in society, building capacity for practitioners in the criminal justice systems. Moreover, the TIJ, with other 17 UN-PNIs globally, play an important role in supporting the CCPCJ meeting session by initiating innovations revolve around crime prevention and criminal justice in the future, especially, issues associated with the rule of law and the UNSDGs. 
On the other hands, the TIJ, as a “bridge of knowledge,” supports the Royal Thai Government in elevating standards of practices in crime prevention and criminal justice system in Thailand to the international standards. Systematically presenting good practices from Thailand in international conferences is also one of our core mission.



For this 28th CCPCJ, the TIJ holds 4 main activities in cooperation with the UNODC, UN-PNI, the Royal Government of Thailand, the Member States, and other international organizations. The events are as follows;

1. Supporting the Royal Government of Thailand in proposing the draft resolution on “Integrating sport in youth crime prevention and criminal justice strategies.” The resolution aims to encourage crime prevention by bringing in sport into the rehabilitation programme for juvenile culprits, and sustainably reintegrate them into society.

2. Hosting a side-event on “Fostering a Culture of Lawfulness in Support of the 2030 Agenda”

3. Co-hosting side-events:
3.1 Integrating Sport in Youth Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice System. 
3.2 Redesigning a Borderless Youth Engagement for Sustainability: A Showcase of Outcomes from the UNODC-TIJ Borderless Youth Forum on Innovation, Justice, and Collaboration for the 2030 Agenda
3.3 Rehabilitation and social reintegration of women prisoners

4. Organizing an exhibition “Investing in the Future: Revitalizing and Empowering Youth”


Follow our updates from the 28th Session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ), 20-24 May 2019, Vienna, Austria.


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