2018 Autumn Co-ordination Meeting of the United Nations Crime Prevention and

Criminal Justice Programme Network


Tokyo, Japan

12-13 December 2018



The meeting was opened by Mr John Brandolino (UNODC) who welcomed the participants and, on behalf of the participants, thanked Director Seto and UNAFEI for hosting the Coordination Meeting.

The topic of this meeting are as follow,

  1. Review of the decisions taken at the 2018 Spring Coordination Meeting
  2. Update from network members
  3. Preparations for the 14th UN Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in Japan
  4. The PNI at the 28th session of the CCPCJ (tentatively 20-24 May 2019)
  5. The Knowledge Centre
  6. Organisation, coordination and other Issues of the PNI


Role of the PNIs in the UN Crime Programme

  • The UNODC shall contact the PNIs regarding UNODC public advocacy office messages, for further circulation through their own social media contacts.
  • Interested PNIs were invited to send, on a selective basis, information on projects and other activities to the UNODC public advocacy office.
  • Interested PNIs were invited to continue to explore possible synergies among themselves and the UNODC on projects and other activities.
  • A variety of actions for raising the PNI profile are to be explored, with a continued discussion at the next PNI coordination meeting in May 2019 (working through national delegations, working on template language in draft resolutions, more PNI statements at the Commission plenary, a more action-oriented consolidated PNI statement, statements at regional prep meetings, a PNI logo, a PNI Twitter account, Facebook account, LinkedIn account, a Facebook page for exchanging ideas, possible use of the GoToMeeting or Teamwork websites, exploration of joint PNI funding opportunities.

Meeting Report