As the world is picking itself back up from the global crisis of COVID-19 pandemic, the condition of the rule of law and access to justice around the globe is still suffering. While technology has been adopted as one of the instruments to improve access to justice, it also comes with its own challenges: the unintended consequences, especially on the vulnerable people. As technology continues to transform our society, how can we ensure that the digitized world is inclusive to all? 


TIJ, in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice of Japan, is hosting the “ASEAN-Japan Special Youth Forum for Promoting the Rule of Law” on 5-6 July, 2023, at Tokyo Japan. 60 youth from the ASEAN Member States and Japan will be selected to participate in this forum. At the Forum, the participants will get to learn Futures Thinking skills from the world-class futurists, discuss how to promote the Rule of Law “Access to Justice”, through justice literacy, and develop future-oriented policy recommendations which will be presented to the ASEAN-Japan Special Meeting of Justice Ministers, held at the same venue.



We welcome ASEAN and Japanese youths (undergraduate or graduate) from all majors between the ages of 18-25 years old who reside in ASEAN and Japan to apply. 



Apply now at link



Come join us to represent the voices of youth in transforming the criminal justice and legal landscape in ASEAN to be adaptive and resilient in ensuring inclusive justice! 


For more information, check the FAQ below.



ASEAN-Japan Special Youth Forum for Promoting the Rule of Law FAQ 



Q: This Youth Forum is for whom?

A: Japan and ASEAN Youths, residing in Japan or ASEAN countries, between 18 - 25 years old who are currently undergraduate or graduate students of any discipline 



Q: How many youths will be selected to participate in the Youth Forum?

A: 60 youths, which comprise of 30 youths from Japan and 30 youths from ASEAN countries will be selected



Q: What language do we use?

A: English



Q: What is expected of the selected participants when joining the Youth Forum? 

A: The participants must…

  • Be able to communicate in English well 
  • Be able to attend and actively participate in the online pre-session (May 8, 13-15, 2023), the in-person Youth Forum in Tokyo (July 5-6, 2023), and the online post-forum session (Dates TBC in September 2023)
  • Join and become a member of the Youth Futurists Network for the Rule of Law 


Q: What will the selected participants get from joining the Youth Forum? 

A: The participants will…

  • Gain Futures Thinking/Strategic Foresight skills 
  • Represent the voices of young people in designing the future of justice that you want to live in 
  • Craft policy recommendations to ensure a more equitable and inclusive future
  • Present your ideas to policy makers and professionals in the justice sector in the ASEAN-Japan Special Meeting of Justice Ministers who may bring your ideas to live!
  • Network with other youths from ASEAN countries and Japan 
  • Receive full sponsorship to travel to Tokyo, Japan, to join the in-person Youth Forum 


Q: How do I apply to the Youth Forum? 

A: To apply…


Q: When can I apply until?

A: 9 April 2023 at 23:59 Bangkok time



Q: How do I find out if I get selected for the Youth Forum? 

A: The decisions will be sent to the email provided in the application around April 21, 2023



Q: How do I obtain a visa to Japan, if I need one? 

A: Information on the visa application will be available once you are selected



Q: Can I have an invitation letter to be excused from the university to participate in the Youth Forum? 

A: The invitation letter will be issued once you are selected



Q: If I have other questions, who do I contact?

A: For Japanese nationals, please contact 

For ASEAN nationals, please contact