The last seminar series on “Balancing between Judicial Independence and Accountability” aims to be for Thai criminal justice leaders and officials to exchange and view with resource persons from the Thai private sector, as well as from justice officials from foreign countries. And aims to congregate the opinions of participants in each sessions.

In this regard, Dr.Nathee Chitsawag, Deputy Executive Director of TIJ, gave an opening remarks. And the participants of this seminar, more than 135 people, including Thai and international criminal justice leaders such as prosecutors, professors, Judge, Police. Moreover, Foreign and Thai experts in the area of criminal justice also participated in this seminar such as Prof.David Pimentel from Idaho University College of Law, Mr.Brian M. Pearce (Justice Attache from America), Jaral Phakdeethanakul (Justice of the Constitution Court), Dr. Surasit Sangviroatjanapa (Chief Judge of the Office of the President of the Supreme Court), Dr. Torsak Buranaruangroj (Provincial Chief Public Prosecutor) and Mr. Pongdej Wanichkittikul (Secretary-General to the President of the Supreme Court). All sessions are moderated by Mr.Vipon Kittitasnasorchai (Adviser of TIJ)

The panel discussion including 3 sessions on "Basic Principles on the Independence of the Judiciary"  in the countries, “Balance between the independence of the judiciary and judicial monitoring” and the third session is on “Other factors which related with an independent judiciary in a democratic society.

TIJ sincerely hope that all of the seminar series would contribute ideas and concept of Development of Criminal Justice Performance Indicators that can be applied to develop a process to Thailand.