21 September 2015 TIJ hosted conference on “Development of Criminal Justice Performance Indicators”

TIJ hosted academic conference on “Development of Criminal Justice Performance Indicators. This academic conference aims to promote strategy which can develop criminal justice performance indicators, and aims to raise awareness regarding the importance of development indicators as an essential key to improve criminal justice system.

Dr. Kittipong Kittayarak, Executive Director of TIJ, gave an opening remarks and the one point he said that  "Our society have chance to improve the right tools in the context of Thailand which can monitor the conditions which related to the rule of law, and the advantages of the indicators not only for individual but for everyone who ready to understand and monitor the progress of social reforms in Thailand".

The panel discussion including 2 sessions on “What’s the Criminal Justice Performance Indicators” which provided concept, meaning and the importance of criminal justice performance indicators and how we exclude good indicators to adjust criminal justice system. And “who made, who use and who receive the advantage of having the criminal justice performance indicators”.

The participants of this academic conference, more than 100 people, participated in this academic conference included officials of the Office of Policy and Planning in the area of criminal justice system, Academics and Representatives of civil society.

TIJ sincerely hope that this conference would contribute concept to promote understanding of Development of Criminal Justice Performance Indicators which can guide the way to reform the sustainable of criminal justice system in Thailand.