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TIJ Joins Hands with Qatar to Prevent Recidivism


Prof. Dr. Kittipong Kittayarak, the executive director of the Thailand Institute of Justice, and Ambassador Adisak Phanupong, TIJ advisor, along with the TIJ executive officers welcomed Gen. Abdullah Yusuf Al-mal, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister and the Interior Minister of Qatar, and delegates to present a letter from His Excellency Prime Minister of Qatar to HRH Princess Bajrakittiyabha, inviting her to re-visit Qatar in order to foster closer relationships between the two countries.


The delegates also visited the BBG Club, a project initiated by HRH Princess Bajrakittiyabha, the Badminton Association of Thailand, and the Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection of Thailand to empower vulnerable children and youth, to strengthen their skills in badminton, and to promote viable solutions regarding the issue of recidivism.


Additionally, the TIJ also exchanged perspectives with the Qatar delegates regarding the progress of the project and the initiatives regarding the development of sport and athletic skills for vulnerable children and youth in Qatar in order to deter them from recidivism. This effort follows the agenda of the United Nations Crime Congress, which is a significant focus area in Thailand.