Paving the Way for a New Realm:
Restart Academy Transforms Lives Through Culinary and Life Skills Education


In an inspiring journey that has entered its tenth month, the Restart Academy, originally focused on culinary skills and life education, has witnessed remarkable success stories. Over 10 families have seen a member become the head of their family. Several have become a chef or restaurant owner, driven by the determination of individuals seeking to reintegrate into society effectively.


Restart Academy is now advancing towards diversifying opportunities for individuals seeking a fresh start. Moving beyond the culinary industry, the institution is exploring realms such as beauty businesses and health spas. This initiative is part of a collaborative effort between the Restart Academy and the Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ), led by Dr. Phiset Sa-ardyen, the Director of TIJ, and Dr. Rittirong Chutapruttikorn, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Bangkok University.


Both institutions have signed a memorandum of understanding to create a novel environmental system. This system aims to harmonize design with the arts, providing comprehensive opportunities for those who have faced challenges in their lives. The collaboration focuses on the "Architect for Justice" design project, aiming to transform the lives of vulnerable and marginalized groups. One flagship project involves designing experimental spaces for the development of hairstyling and massage skills at the Restart Academy.


Dr. Phiset expressed, "Exchanging benefits from designing to transform the lives of marginalized groups requires continuous development of targeted group behaviors. While society may view these individuals with caution, we believe in collaboration and that justice is everyone's responsibility."


The collaborative framework emphasizes the commitment to provide opportunities for marginalized groups through inclusive education. Dr. Phiset stated, "We are pleased to have continued collaboration with Bangkok University to present pathways for marginalized groups, helping them have a broader vision in assisting the marginalized groups. Through design courses, we aim to enhance the connection with humanity, society, and the environment."


In recent years, the Faculty of Architecture at Bangkok University has engaged with TIJ in various projects, including the Ruean Pathamarong Museum in Chiang Mai, designing urban safety initiatives to combat crime, and pioneering projects in the public prosecutor's office in Phuket.


This collaborative effort between educational and justice institutions not only transforms lives but also serves as a beacon of hope for a more inclusive and compassionate society.