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TIJ Common Ground is a new framework of the Thailand Institute of Justice that aims to promote community participation in exchanging opinions on social justice issues. It encourages a friendly, open, and creative atmosphere.


With the belief that "justice is everyone's matter," the Institute recognizes the important role of civil society in addressing issues of justice. It emphasizes that the responsibility does not lie solely with the state but also requires the collective "voice" of individuals to bring about real change.


Over the years, the TIJ focused on communicating academic knowledge, international standards and norms, and research with empirical data, targeting knowledgeable and specialized individuals, legal professionals, and those interested in specific issues. With this new framework, TIJ Common Ground strives to inspire discussions and the exchange of perspectives on social justice issues, aiming to involve a broader range of the general public, who may come from diverse backgrounds with different knowledge and experiences.


The Institute places importance on a people-centered strategy and believes that societal standards of justice, which are accepted and used as guiding principles for coexistence, can evolve and improve according to the dynamics of society. TIJ Common Ground, therefore, aims to open up discussions, inviting people from various backgrounds to come together, present their perspectives, and express their opinions on desired justice. This is done to share and gather knowledge, foster collaboration in designing a more just society, and inspire ongoing developmental innovations.


Physically, the TIJ 's building has exhibition spaces on the 1st and 2nd floors, where semi-permanent exhibitions and rotating exhibitions are displayed throughout the year. There are also activities for discussions and exchanging ideas on various topics related to social justice. Additionally, the space is open for network organizations and the general public to utilize and benefit from.


It is our hope that TIJ Common Ground will grow and evolve into a "community" with members from all sectors, age groups, and interests coming together to organize activities and engage in constant dialogue, exchanging perspectives within the concept of a "friendly, open, and creative public space." As such, we hope that everyone will have a sense of ownership and contribute collectively, serving as a crucial mechanism that enables the Institute to fulfill its important mission of advancing the process of justice, linking global principles to national practices, and creating an environment that promotes the emergence of agents of change. In this expanded and interconnected context, it will respond more effectively to the needs of society.




On March 28 and 30, 2023, TIJ Common Ground organized the official event "Open House: Introducing TIJ Common Ground" and held a panel discussion under the main theme of "Rethinking Myths of Justice: Justice... as You Believe(?)." The event aimed to present academic information and facilitate discussions and exchanges of perspectives on accessing justice in the context of "Does Justice Has a Price to Pay?" Participants included students, scholars, government officials, personnel involved in the justice process, individuals from educational institutions, private sector networks, associations and foundations, as well as the general public. They had the opportunity to visit exhibitions and engage in discussions to explore the "price" we have to pay when engaging in the justice process. A summary of the key insights from the activities and recordings can be found on the official Facebook page of TIJ. More updates on TIJ Common Ground can be followed on Instagram and the Line Official Account.