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The IGLP Asian Regional Workshop

An opportunity to attend an intensive workshop by Harvard Law School

TIJ held a public hearing forum entitled ‘Thailand’s Drug Policy Revis

to discuss about creating the innovative and effective drug policy to solve drug problems in a sustainable man

10 – 19 August 2016, TIJ hosted the Bangkok Rules Training

to provide guidance and practical knowledge on translating the Bangkok Rules into practice.

From the News Room

TIJ hosted a seminar on “Criminal Justice in Japan”

TIJ hosted a seminar on “Criminal Justice in Japan”

TIJ briefed on challenges related to human rights in Thailand

TIJ conducted a briefing for the U.S. Congress staff on on Human Rights-related challenges in Thailand.

UNAFEI Seminar: “Bangkok Rules” and the implementation

On Jan 10, 2013, HRH Princess Bajarakitiyabha gave a special lecture on the topic of “Putting the Bangkok...

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