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The 1st ASEAN Conference on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice.

nhancing Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Institutions for Sustainable Development of the ASEAN Community

TIJ hosted the research findings workshop on Women as Justice Makers

The workshop provided the research findings to TIJ staff and TIJ team of researchers

TIJ research team, attended the Seminar on Effectiveness of Thailand I

During 7 – 9 September 2016, Dr. Sita Sumrit, Chief of the Women and Children Empowerment Programme, together

From the News Room

TIJ hosted a seminar on “Criminal Justice in Japan”

TIJ hosted a seminar on “Criminal Justice in Japan”

TIJ briefed on challenges related to human rights in Thailand

TIJ conducted a briefing for the U.S. Congress staff on on Human Rights-related challenges in Thailand.

UNAFEI Seminar: “Bangkok Rules” and the implementation

On Jan 10, 2013, HRH Princess Bajarakitiyabha gave a special lecture on the topic of “Putting the Bangkok...

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Topic Focus

Rule of Law(30)
Crime and Development(6)
Women and Children in the Criminal Justice System(6)
the Bangkok Rules(5)